On PUAs, Mind Control, and Patriarchy: Why Go After PUAism? (Part 1)

What is pick-up artistry?

The acronym “PUA” stands for “pick-up artist”; generally, it stands for any male who studies and practices the arts of attracting and seducing women for sex, romance, relationships, etc.  However, some PUAs are female (i.e., Heidi Fleiss the madam that Neil Strauss wrote about in his book “The Game”).

 Wikipedia offers the following definition:

“A pick up artist (PUA) is a term used in North America to describe a man who is skilled in meeting, attracting, and seducing women.  The term is largely associated with the seduction community.  The term ‘pickup artist’ generally denotes a man who employs a learned, structured approach to attracting women.  Men who are good at attracting women but are not associated with the seduction community are more commonly called ‘naturals’ or ‘players’.”

 Why is this such a bad thing?  People may ask me, “Scarred the Feminist Pit Bull, why go after these guys?  What have they done that’s so bad?”

Because unfortunately we live in a patriarchy, and what this means is that the “arts” of attraction and seduction in a patriarchy are *going to be laden with behavioral and mental controls and manipulations aimed at women that reduce agency [defined as acting and thinking in an independent and effective manner]  in the targeted women and reinforce patriarchal messages.*  Are there exceptions to this general definition?  Yes, there are, but it has been my observation that the exceptions prove the rule.  PUAism plays off of a *lot* of ingrained patriarchal conditioning that women get, and it positively rewards patriarchal thinking and behavior in men, *also* playing off a lot of *their* conditioning.

Because no one should have to live in a world where daughters, sisters, mothers, cousins, etc. could be targeted by one-person mind-control practitioners.

Because we already have enough sexually-transmitted diseases across the world.

Because we already suffer way too much social and mental control from governments, advertising, etc.:  why are we adding more?

Because conscious manipulation and deception is despicable and dishonorable.  Because human beings deserve the truth and deserve to be set free, not manipulated by people more interested in satisfying their genitals and power-mad egos instead of living an honorable and satisfying life. 

The more women allow themselves to be controlled and manipulated in the name of sex, romance, relationships, etc., the less viable we become as human beings.  Benjamin Franklin said, very wisely, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”    Women typically do not fight as hard as we should in order to preserve our agency, independence, and freedom of thought:  we’re too afraid of pissing people off and losing their approval!  This has to stop.  And one of the best ways of stopping this is to reveal in detail the myriad ways that women are consciously and delibrately manipulated with anger, loss of approval, abandonment, etc. 

Girls frequently grow up in households that are hyper-protective of them; this actually contributes to their vulnerability and ignorance, thus making these same girls sitting ducks when they grow up to be women.  A better solution is to educate women and girls in manipulative and controlling power relations and methods, so that they become a lot more aware of what they’re actually dealing with.  It is a natural reaction to want to lock up your daughter, niece, cousin, etc. when studying the behavioral and mental controls that PUAs practice in order to elicit attraction to achieve a seduction.  It is also positively the wrong, wrong, *wrong* decision.   It is the *lack* of knowledge, *lack* of self-esteem, *lack* of critical thinking skills, and *lack* of will-power and agency that leaves women vulnerable to manipulation.  Sheltering and hiding women and girls doesn’t solve the problem; it greatly exacerbates it.

Well, what can we do about this problem?

 That’s what this blog is going to address.  Stay tuned.



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6 responses to “On PUAs, Mind Control, and Patriarchy: Why Go After PUAism? (Part 1)


    Hey, what’s up Scarred. Blog looks good so far. It’s the middle of the night and I can’t sleep to save my life, so I thought I’d drop in and say hi. I look forward to reading more.

  2. scarred2062


    Thank you for dropping by! I’m so glad you came.:)

    Any ideas you might have that you would like to see discussion on? Any points you’d like to bring up?

  3. I just put up a post about the Look Up which is one of the time honored tools of the PAU.

    Good luck with your blog, it looks lovely so far.

  4. scarred2062

    Red Queen, thank you *so* much for dropping by. I’m glad you like my blog, I was afraid that I hadn’t put enough up for readers. Yes, I read your post about the Look Up…and in the next 2-3 days, I’ll be posting your blog on my Blogroll, as I was looking at it last night and was happy to peruse it.:)

    Sorry about what happened to you…*gah,* that was disgusting. People, check out the White Papers blogspot; just click on the name of Red Queen, and you’ll go to her post. Disgusting. Nothing less than sexual harassment, if you ask me…

    Let’s dialogue soon about this. I’ll be major-league posting on Friday or Saturday…Thank you, Red Queen.

  5. Ohhhhh- I am all about the quid pro quoing of blogrolling. I’ll add yours too. I need to update it anyways to include the new feminism 101 blog so that I don’t don’t have to play elementary school teacher to boys when they say dumb things.

  6. RealLiveRedHead

    Hi. So glad to see the discussion here. Love the writing; think it’s great. I just wanted to let you know that a pua by the name of Odious has posted a link to this article on the VH-1 message board for the show, The Pickup Artist. His goal is to get other puas to mock it. I just wanted to let you know that you may be getting spammed here. I also wanted to give you the chance to post there if you’d like. You can find more info about this Odious character at the alt.seduction.fast message boards. He’s very argumentative and his opinion of women is very low.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

    Scarred: Thank you for your support; I appreciate it.:)

    Just an FYI: I have no intention of posting on the message board for the show. Others can mock my blog and attempt to spam it to their heart’s content if they wish: I’m about as interested in their opinions as I am in the grease spots on the side streets in my neighborhood. After responding and editing about three or four comments, I figured that some weasels were getting their fur ruffled, and it’s time for me to ignore them. Threatened PUAs can bray to their heart’s content: this is standard operating procedure for jackasses. My advice is, don’t argue or worry: post countermethods and protections.:) Hey, yeah, I invite you to post your own!:)

    Soon, I’ll be returning to regular blogging: I expect this in the next 1-2 days. Remember, the more your enemies jeer, the more fear they’re showing.:) And **any** publicity is **good** publicity.:)

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