Update on Blog Site Progress

“If you build it, they will come.”

It appears to the casual reader that I haven’t been building my blog, and for this I apologize.  However, *I* have been doing a lot of online research and exploration of topics, and I’ve added several blogs and websites to my Blogroll.  There are three that I would like to point you towards.  Site 1:  Richie Pilbeam’s “Crimitism” blog.  If you haven’t read it, it’s a MUST.  Richie is a hard-hitting, Australian male feminist who’s as good a word gunslinger as you’re going to find in the blogosphere.  I invite you to read a sample of Richie’s hard-as-nails dissection of the New Patriarchy as he takes on “The Alphabet of Manliness:”


 Read it, and savor it.  IMHO, it doesn’t get much better than this:  “Most people do think women are nags, men are inherently violent, goths are boring, and Garfield is a bit shit. People want to be told these things. People also want to believe that they’re the centre of the universe, and the only person with the guts to call a spade a spade, so if you can dress the same material up as a way of sticking it to the man, it’s no surprise that your website will end up more popular than Pepsi’s. It’s just Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus‘ angsty younger brother who wears an ironic Godzilla t-shirt.”  Or, how about this? 

[In a world where metrosexuals–stylish, well-groomed, and sharply dressed men–have taken the center stage in defining the new masculinity, small pockets of men are starting to emerge, rebelling against the status quo.]

[- Maddox, in his introduction to the book on Amazon.com] (Richie here quotes Maddox from his introduction to the “Alphabet of Manliness”)

“Fun fact of the day #2: Metrosexuality is, and has always been, a choice. Men’s right to be a slob is not under threat because of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, and describing metrosexuality as ‘the status quo’ just because it’s visible is so ridiculous I don’t know where to begin. There’s no genuine social pressure on every man out there to spend / waste his money on wax, cosmetics and firming lotion, and if he chooses to do so, we call him a metrosexual to differentiate him from the majority. And you can take ‘metrosexual’ as a byword for ‘fag’ or ‘poof’ or ‘himbo’ if you want, but it plainly isn’t just a euphemism; it’s a positive word that implies metropolitan sophistication and sexual potency. There’s no equivalent word for a woman who rejects the look of the female majority. They’re all insults. This whole ‘Reclaim your manliness!’ bollocks would be cringeworthy even without the misogyny, homophobia and ape-pack mentality that always accompanies it.”

 Ha-HAH!  Go, Richie, go!  I couldn’t have done any better myself…

Site 2:  Persuasion Analysis, Dr. Hugh Rank’s contribution to analysing propaganda and advertising.  His website is easy to navigate and extremely educational; so far, it’s the best one that I found of its kind, although I haven’t exhausted the Internet by any means.   As a sample of his efforts, check out the link I’m providing here:


He does a cagey analysis of the Bush Administration, Dr. Rank does–yes indeed!

“About 1980, when I originally wrote the section on war propaganda, Osama bin Ladin was being supported by the CIA in Afghanistan in its war against the Soviet Union. In Iraq, Saddam Hussein was being supported in its war against Iran by the US. Neither of these wars then was on my mind which was centered primarily on the patterns of rhetoric of previous European wars. A decade later, the “Cold War” was over when the USSR disintegrated. Two decades later, Bush proclaimed the “war on terrorism” and linked our old friends, Osama and Saddam, as co-conspirators. Frankly, I do not know specifically who our friends and enemies will be twenty or thirty years from now. But, I think these patterns I’ve observed in the past will appear in the future.”  (From the above-mentioned article entitled, “Bush Bashing?” on Dr. Rank’s “Persuasion Analysis)

 And then finally, I decided to get a little spooky and daring.  I decided to provide a link to the US Air Force’s Air War College site “Cyberspace and Information Operations Study Center.”  The site *is* surprisingly open to civilians, so I decided to provide the link to my readers as an opportunity for them to read about psychological operations, psychological warfare, mass persuasion, etc.  You will notice that if you examine this site carefully,  it does have a section on Neuro-linguistic Programming.  To those who say NLP doesn’t work, I say beware:  the military doesn’t generally waste time on ineffectual methods.  Anyone who thinks NLP is mere sleight-of-hand or doesn’t work is laying  him/herself open to manipulation…


What I’ve decided to do with my blog is this; rather than not post *anything* on my blog publicly while working on big long essays, I’ve decided to do reasonably short public posts on my blog *until* I get my essays finished and *then* post them on the blog.  This way the blog is active, there’s more reason for my readers to check back frequently to see what I’ve written, and hopefully I can engender some really lively discussions serving as springboards to other research/essays/methods of resistance.   I *am* working on Part 2 to “On PUAs, Mind Control, and Patriarchy,” but it’s slow-going because I have to get some of the Vance Packard writings, which will not be republished until late July.  Ergo, I’m (hopefully) doing the sensible thing by concentrating on doing daily posts and other essays in the meanwhile.

I’ll write again tomorrow–until then, remember: 


Yours, Scarred the Feminist Pit Bull



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3 responses to “Update on Blog Site Progress

  1. Oh my god the Alphabet of manliness thing grossed me out. I know it shouldn’t shock me that the world is full of assholes and some of them manage to get published, but the little optimist in me hopes that people are better than that.

    On the second piece- Michelle’s (sp) rule of oligarchy and just a tiny bit of critical thinking point out that those with power have a vested interest in keeping it. We have politicians who have set up a system where even though it looks democratic, the powerful have created a system to keep themselves entrenched.

    I haven’t gotten to the 3rd bit yet (it’s late) but now I am dying to know about Neural linguistic programming.

  2. scarred2062

    Amen to the first and second point, Red Queen. You’re quite right that the world *is* full of assholes, but if it’s any comfort, the only abuse they can dish out is the abuse we’re willing to take. (Unless we’ve got our hands tied, such as what the women in Afghanistan have to go through.:( ) I think our democracy is dead…I think, realistically, it’s a corporatist soft-style neofascist state. That’s a terrible thing to say, but it’s true.

    3rd point: Neuro-linguistic programming is going to take a *while* for me to explain–I’m in the process of trying to teach it to myself. HOWEVER, it’s worthwhile learning–if nothing else on how to protect yourself against it. The Cyberspace and Information Operations Study Center link by the USAF *does* have a section on NLP, you just hve to dig for it. I think it comes up two or three pages away.

    And yes, NLP is *fascinating.* It’s been used for some dirty-bird, incredibly manipulative manuevering, but it was originally developed as a powerful therapeutic tool. I can vouch for its power, both good and bad.

    It’s good hearing from you, Red Queen; I really look forward to us posting about these issues.:)

  3. Doug S.

    The US Department of Defense and the CIA are known for using polygraph tests to screen applicants and to attempt to detect possible spies. It is illegal for private employers to use polygraph tests in hiring decisions because polygraph tests are very unreliable. Personally, I don’t think the United States government is particularly good at persuading people that aren’t already inclined to be persuaded, and the mention of Neuro-Linguistic Programming on a web site doesn’t strike me as a ringing endorsement by an expert. Maybe it used to be better (just look at how they sold World War 1), but just look at how well the so-called “War on Terror” is going…

    Scarred: point taken, although I’ve made very good use of NLP on myself and have seen effective uses of it. Apparently in the mainstream psychological community it *appears* to be gaining more respect, probably due to the fact that as time goes onward the methods of *any* applied discipline should become more refined and *effective*. Some of this might be just that the US government might be *incompetent* at it.:) You know, the whole VA hospital thing.:) (No offense meant to any readers, I’ve just heard horror stories from vets about the incompetency of Veterans Affairs medicine.) It very well could be that they’re bungling the use of an effective tool in some quarters.

    And also, this point *must* be mentioned: NLP is NOT a magic wand. If your foreign policy sucks rocks and has killed an enormous amount of innocent people in your country, including your relatives, there’s NO amount of NLP that’s going to override THAT conditioning.:( It’s called legitimate grief and rage.:(

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