Advice: If you get a chance, go through the Persuasion Analysis website

Seriously, it’s extremely educational!

One of the things I’ve noticed is that not only are the terms of Propadanga easily identifiable, anyone with a good knowledge of PUAism (a.k.a. seduction methods) also readily pick up on PUA methodology being easily classified as a subset of propaganda–or at least uses many methods recognizible as having their origin in propaganda.

 More on this tomorrow, folks!


Yours, Scarred the Feminist Pit Bull



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3 responses to “Advice: If you get a chance, go through the Persuasion Analysis website

  1. I thought feminists were cat herders?

    How are you not scaring away all the cats as a pit bull, Cookie?

  2. scarred2062

    “I thought feminists were cat herders?’

    Some of us just *have* cats, D.:) I have a cat, and I let *other* feminists herd cats.:)

    “How are you not scaring away all the cats as a pit bull, Cookie?”

    Anyone who truly knows what the American Pit Bull Terrier is like knows that it’s a good dawg, and, properly loved and reared, is as peaceful and as gentle as any *other* dog, D.:) And cats are smart, they know who loves them and who doesn’t.:) Checked out that website…it’s cute,:), but it’s not mine.:) My fur isn’t black and white, and my eyes aren’t *that* color…sigh…wish they were.

    On a more serious note, I think I don’t scare away other feminists because my focus is very, very much on what I consider the *roots* of patriarchy. Linguistic, subliminal, visual, and other types of conditioning–behavioral and mental–that create and reinforce *unequal* power dynamics. A very, very specific focus and target. I’m not interested in bitching at someone for wearing make-up or pole-dancing–I honestly could care less. I’m a radical feminist all right, I just choose to go after the *REAL* causes, instead of doing something stupid like analyzing whether or not using a sex toy is caving into the patriarchy. It’s a dumb, distracting question, and I’m amazed people actually fall for the distraction.

    That’s part of the reason I call myself Scarred the Feminist Pit Bull, actually. A pit bull is a breed of dog that has been seriously develop what is called a sense of “game.” “Gaminess” is an ability to sense what’s really a threat and what is not…and to ignore stuff that isn’t threatening and to hone in and destroy on what really *is.* An American Pit Bull Terrier, if not abused or inbred, has an uncanny ability to sense what’s genuinely a threat and what isn’t. That’s why pit bulls (unabused) are safer with kids than other dogs, and *that’s* why there’s no dog better at honing in and destroying a threat than a pit bull. Pit bulls are legendary for being able to take down much bigger dogs such as Rottweilers…but statistically, (believe it or not,) you are *much* more likely to get bitten by a miniature poodle than a pit bull. Unfortunately, because of the ferocious chomp, pit bull bites make the news. It also doesn’t help that a lot of *assholes* (who are serious full-time macho patriarchialists) own and abuse pit bulls and do things like fight their dogs in a ring. Sad but true:(

  3. I just finished the Gift of Fear and a whole lot of the stuff in that book works as a defense against PUA’s.

    And I second the idea of smashing the roots of of the patriarchy rather than getting all tied up over high heels and lipstick.

    Chomp Away!

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