Collapsing Anchors and Getting Free of Unwanted Attachment, Attraction, or Emotion of Any Type

Okay, women, this is how I’m going to do it.   I’m going to post this thread on collapsing an anchor in NLP, which essentially is the elimination of an unwanted state that you feel is clouding your judgement and influencing you unnecessarily.  

If you read my blog on a consistent basis, you will know that I advocate detachment from attraction and sexuality until you get to really, really know the person very well and have bona-fide, verified information from an objective-as-possible point of view on which to make a rational decision.  This allows you to clear your head and assess the person as to whether or not he or she is good for you or other people that you know.  This same level of attachment is desired in order to avoid having someone try to yank your chain, give you “double binds,” or try to anger you into doing something rash or stupid.  In short, it can be used to get rid of **any** unwanted effect in your psyche.  ANY EFFECT.  YOU DECIDE WHAT’S UNWANTED, WOMEN.:)

Let’s say, for instance, you have found yourself becoming very, very attracted to someone very rapidly–WAY too rapidly, and you’re tempted to act in such a way that’s contrary to good judgement.  Or conversely, let’s say someone is trying to goad you or mindgame you into giving them unwanted anger or attention that could divert you from your actual goals and set you up for a fall.  This happens too:   there’s a way to take care of this.:)  Contrary to popular belief, unwanted states **can be** either positive or negative.  If you think someone has just manipulated you into feeling mondo attraction or unwanted emotional garbage, here’s an EXCELLENT way of taking care of the problem:

I have test-driven this myself and can attest to its excellent results.  And by the way, it WILL get rid of any unwanted emotional state you find yourself experiencing, regardless of whether the person inducing the state was using NLP or not.  In other words, if someone’s giving you a stimulus to feel something…REGARDLESS of what’s providing that stimulus, be it an attempt at behavioral conditioning or NLP anchoring, this method will work.  

This beautiful, well-laid out article and method must be attributed to Colin G. Smith and one of the founders of NLP, Richard Bandler.  It came from the website Circles of, which is a bit too New-Agey for *my* taste, but what the Hades–we take our effective methods and information from where we can get them, right?:)  And, the beauty of this particular article is that the methods are easily explained and carried out, without a lot of NLP lingo for  beginners.:)  This step-by-step method will offer immediate relief and information for women who are new to NLP and this blog and will want something immediate to protect themselves against manipulation into unwanted and unwarranted states of mind.  

The only thing I would caution against is that “sacking one’s shrink” is not necessarily a good thing to do.  If you have a psychological problem and are seeing a therapist–as just about 97% of the Western world ought to do, I would keep on with seeing the therapist even while seeing a therapist or psychiatrist.  It’s good to get rid of unwanted states and emotions, but understand that psychological issues often have much more to do (often, although not always) with cognitive issues involving bad logical decisions made during childhood–or, biochemical imbalances in the human brain that are genetic or environmentally caused, or both!  Stong emotion is not, in and of itself, indicative of a psych problem.  HOWEVER, controlling strong emotions is the best way to avoid making bad decisions.

There is an awful lot of Neuro-linguistic Programming information on the Internet, and it is free.:) 

Now, just some commentary about NLP:  it’s morally neutral, like electricity or hydraulic power.  You can use electricity to power a defibrullator to get someone’s heart started again, or you can use electricity to fuel an electric chair to put someone to death.  It’s your choice, but you have to live with it.  “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord…”  There has been an awful lot of information on the Net that enables manipulating women into the sack.  It’s time to use the *same* information to help women counter manipulation designed to make them “feel good” and reward them right into bed.

My blog is dedicated to overcoming manipulation of all types from a feminist perspective, and freeing oneself from unwarranted control from other people’s domination.  Too often, women have been controlled and conditioned against our will, not understanding the ways and means by which we’ve been led around by the nose.  The beauty of adding NLP in order to inform and enrich feminist critique and resistance of patriarchy is that we now have genuine tools to overcome attempts at manipulation and mind control.  

There is a thought within NLP circles about “ecology;”  this is the idea that NLP practitioners should not monkey with someone’s head to manipulate them into situations that do not serve the person’s best interest.  NLP practitioners can and do discuss what is ecological and what is ethical and serves the greater good: 

I enjoyed the first thread immensely, and I appreciate this lawyer from Austin, Texas, blogging on the concept of avoiding knee-jerk reactions and maintaining an inner spirit of peacefulness while talking about –even if I don’t suscribe to her idea that outrage is less desirable than experiencing goodness.  I think moral outrage is very necessary in a world where atrocities and power struggles have become all-too-commonplace.  To me, outrage is as necessary as experiencing peace.  BUT.  She has a point in the sense that knee-jerk reactions can be very much manipulated, and on THAT sense, I whole-heartedly agree with her here.  It is always best that expressions of anger and outrage be done from a place where the speaker/writer is in a state of CONTROL–and done on his or her timetable and best interest.

On the second thread, I particularly refer you to Points 1-6.  I thought that this PDF file, “Shared Values of the NLP Community,” by Robert Dilts, was excellent.  It shows that there is a concern within the NLP community for ethics and boundaries

As a Christian, I can’t agree that unlimited choices are good; after all, I do feel for religious reasons that there are moral absolutes.  As a feminist, I feel that anything that preys on women is defacto evil, regardless of the intent of the predator.  However, I’m going to express my appreciation for the ETHICAL practitioners of NLP, who can and DO discuss what proper ethical behavior is.

I look forward to the day when a circle of feminist NLP practitioners can be created that will add to the discussion within the NLP community feminist concerns, critiques, and philosophy about ethics and ecology.  I’m interested in using NLP as a way to put women in charge of our own lives as an antidote to being programmed with the New Patriarchy’s expectations, demands, and manipulations…and I will work towards this end with my entire being. 

If NLP is ethically neutral, it can be used to free women and the general population from personal power games, advertising and mass marketing, and socio-political mind control.   This is a morally worthy goal to work towards.:)  However, we must be wary of the “one-method-fits-all” mentality, and so therefore I will be on the lookout for other methods to refuse and resist conditioning and manipulation.  When I find them, I will post their threads and comment on them.:)  Time to share the wealth, women:)…     


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  1. The internet misses you, Scarred! Come back!

    [I mean, I know you’re busy and all, but seriously…us feminist geniuses have gotta stick together ;D ]

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