I apologize, I’ve got the cold from Hades:(

Sorry about the delay, people…

I’ve been avoiding my own blog because I’ve got the cold from Hades.  If my body is willing, I’ll be blogging very soon again, resuming this coming Sunday or Monday.

Sorry I haven’t said anything, WILL BE BACK SHORTLY.



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8 responses to “I apologize, I’ve got the cold from Hades:(

  1. Doug S.

    Get well soon. (And read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, if you’re so inclined.)

  2. stixzz

    Here is something that will make you get much better.

  3. Doug S.

    This is an interesting examination of the “Seduction Community” from an academic perspective:


  4. Scarred the Feminist Pit Bull

    Stixzz and Doug S.: a giant thank you for the moral support and the stuff!:)))

    Stixzz: that video from Stryper was *awesome*!!:) I’ve always liked the lead singer’s voice, and I forgot how **good** he was. They were a class act, Stryper.:) And yes, this video lifted my spirits and my heart, and I’m very, very grateful.:) THANK YOU!!:)

    Doug S.: THANK YOU for contributing that *wonderful* academic paper. My goal is to read this from beginning to end, first chance I get. I’ve always thought that examining PUAism underneath the white-hot spotlight of academia was a great idea, and it would appear that Elana Clift has done just that with her thesis. I think what she has done is invaluable and worthy of reading, and I look forward to it.:)

  5. Doug S.

    I found it at Thinking Girl’s blog, actually, in a comment posted by Stixzz. You can thank him/her for bringing it to my attention. I did read it from beginning to end – I’m a fast reader – and there seem to be some useful insights. The focus is on the “seduction community” as a literal community of men, however; criticism of misogynistic elements are present but are not the main focus of the paper.

  6. Scarred the Feminist Pit Bull

    Doug S.: Thank you. I saw Stixzz’ contribution of the paper over at Thinking Girl. So–

    A big hand and THANK YOU to Stixzz!!!

    I’m going to offer another post tonight and then try to read this paper, although I think I’m only going to be able to read 1/4 to 1/3 of it tonight due to time constraints. Thank you for giving credit where credit is due, Doug; that is a testament to your good character.:)))

  7. Elana Clift

    Hello all,
    I am the author of “Picking Up and Acting Out,” the thesis that is posted here. I am so honored that you are taking the time to read my work. I am presenting myself here so that we can discuss it, if anyone wishes to.

  8. Scarred the Feminist Pit Bull


    I’m **SO GLAD** you stopped by!:)

    Tell you what…I’ll be back later on tonight. Would you like an entire thread on your thesis started for conversation?? I would **LOVE** to have you discuss this! This is great!:)

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