It would appear I’m not the only one! Take note of Chris Lucas’ “Fighting Manipulation”!

It’s a wonderful thing to discover that other observers also agree with the observations that I’m making, i.e., that there has been a huge rise in deceit and manipulation within society, and with it a fall in its quality and fitness.  Chris Lucas is protesting **a lot** of what **I’M** protesting!  I offer you this link:  read and enjoy!

I will particularly refer you to his words at the end of this wonderful essay:

“Here we have highlighted some (but not all) of the issues concerning fitness-reducing manipulation in our world, the constraining of our choices. We can only make valid decisions if we are free to do so and have the information. Attempts to manipulate that freedom are always addressed to an unconscious level of our minds, but if we are aware we can counter them. Seeing through these social pressures requires experience, honesty and independence, the ability to see that we are important in ourselves and not just in relation to a fabricated social image, whether imposed by politicians, advertising agencies or media manipulators.

Truth is the most important aspect of making fit choices in our lives, yet it is the aspect of our society that has suffered most in recent years. Quantity of information does not however equal quality. We must sift away the dross and ask questions, gaining media literacy, about what has been suppressed and distorted if we are to have a chance to be free. But most of all we must clearly and unequivocally reject the culture of deceit, manipulation and bullying that threatens to engulf us – and those politicians and other people that promote it who try to claim legitimacy by stealth.”

It has been one of the very major premises of my blog that our society has become so inundated with deceit and manipulation from advertising, media, and political propaganda that we have now begun to practice widespread organized manipulation on the personal level, i.e., mainstream patriarchal PUAism.  We have become so enslaved and degraded as a society–and so used to being made pawns and patsies–that we now think nothing of manipulating others. 

Kudos to Chris Lucas for helping to fight the culture of manipulation!  While there is no mention of manipulation on the personal level in his article, I personally think he might agree that day-to-day society on the individual level has become immensely more manipulative than what it used to be, and I think he just might find merit in the idea that decades of unethical advertising, media spin, and political propaganda has degraded our character.


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