Be sure to check out the archives for May, June, and July for methods of resistance against PUAs

Welcome new readers!

I am pleased to announce that the readership on my blog is surely and steadily climbing.  I am VERY, VERY pleased with this! 

Be aware that this is a moderated blog.  Anything that gets posted in the “Comments” section must be approved by me first.  However, if you simply just want to ask a question or comment to me in private, just earmark your comment as *confidential* and I will treat it as such–unless it’s illegal, threatening, violates the discussion policy, or harassing.   Treat me with respect and I will guarantee respect in return. 

If you are new to this blog and are looking for ways of resisting mainstream patriarchal PUAism, **be sure** to check out past posts of May, June, and July.  Soon, it will be time to contribute even more methods of resistance, but what I have in there is *effective* if you use and practice it.:)


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