Explanation and Pseudo-Whine: Getting Rich While Non-Blogging

Dear Readers,

Just wanted to ” ‘splain” my silence.   I’m currently working 12-hour shifts that are making my pocketbook rich while making this blog temporarily devoid of new posts.   The madness is continuing until nearly the end of August, when I should be able to resume semi-decent blogging and posting.  My bank account is going to love me, but my blog currrently is feeling ignored…so, probably the soonest new post that I’ll be able to put up is Monday the 20th.  Time will tell if I’ll even be able to do that on this date.  Ah, well, life is like that…

Please realize that while my blogging against manipulation may be delayed, I will not be silent much longer.  I’m still just as devoted to fighting patriarchal manipulation as ever, but work realities are what they are.  So please be patient with me, and stay tuned.  Hey, if nothing else, feel free to throw a few tomatoes at your computer screen and yell, “Up in front!”:)

I will, however, be back every day to check on comments at least once a day, so keep those responses coming.:)




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One response to “Explanation and Pseudo-Whine: Getting Rich While Non-Blogging

  1. Doug S.

    It’s been quite a while since the last post appeared… don’t go disappearing on us for good!

    Scarred: trust me, I won’t. I’m down to 8 hours a day, but I’m STILL working 7 days a week **and** getting ready to move. This has been one of the months from hell, believe me…

    No, I’m not going ANYWHERE. Trust me. I’m getting ready to buy a laptop so that I can blog not just at home but on the go. I expect to complete that purchase in 1-2 weeks…look for my newest entry then.

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