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Discussion Rules

Here’s the deal:

Rule 1:  I own this blog.  What I say, goes.  I am supreme dictator here.  Period.

Rule 2:  My decisions are final.

Rule 3:  I will not post or allow material that I deem misogynistic, racist, homophobic, bigoted, rude, harassing, flaming, trolling, off the topic of a thread, manipulative, hostile to the intent of this blog or any of the threads on it, or otherwise annoying.  I don’t expect people to kiss my ass or any other asses,  or nod their heads up and down; in fact, quite the opposite–I expect on occasion some really knock-down, drag-out debates.  That’s fine.  However, what debates there are WILL serve the purpose of Point 4, which is–

Rule 4:  To analyze, critique, research, deconstruct, and fight mind control from a feminist perspective, whether it be subliminal persuasion and hypnosis such as Speed Seduction, behavioral control and manipulation (such as what is found at large in the mainstream patriarchal PUA community), advertising and mass marketing, political campaigns, cult programming, or mind-control experimentation and implementation by the military-industrial complex or the religio-political complex.  This also includes analyzing (declassified only!) psychological warfare, also known as psychological operations.  (FYI, you don’t have to be pacifist or exclusively into nonviolent philosophy:  military feminists are *very* welcome here.  Just be aware that there may be differences of opinion–and be respectful.  And in turn, I also expect the nonviolence advocates to *also* be respectful.)  You are responsible for reading all content on a thread prior to posting; if you don’t, you may get called on the carpet by me or others.  If you’re not with this program, you need to find another area of the blogosphere *quick.* 

Rule 5:  If I deem your comment inappropriate, you get warned once, and your comment will not be posted.  If I think it’s inappropriate twice, I boot you from the blog.  Period.  Life is too short–you will not get to waste my time or anyone else’s.  And yes, I do keep track of names and IP addresses, so you don’t want to play games here–no coming back under another alias if you’ve been banned.  Keep in mind that pissing off blog owners is a very good way to never be allowed to post again on their blogs. 

Rule 6:  Use a name–any name except for Anonymous–and keep that name.  That way, I can keep track of it.  If you want to change your name, run it by me first, please.  (If you suspect you’re being stalked, please let me know–that way, the appropriate authorities can be contacted.)  You will also be required to give a *VALID* e-mail address.   

Rule 7:  All comments will be moderated.  This rule may change as time goes on.



 What people think of me is immaterial.  What gets accomplished here  and what is passed on to future generations in terms of freedom from control or harm *is what counts.*  I learned a long time ago that it’s okay to be the “bad guy.”  Approval means nothing when billions of human beings are in danger of being enslaved and having their lives snuffed out because their agency has been so sapped that they can’t do anything to save our planet.


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