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Opinion Policy of This Blog

Point 1:  These are my opinions on  my blog.  This is the truth as I see it.  You don’t have to agree with me, but I DO have the right to speak/write it.  I have the right to observe, deconstruct, analyze, and help people resist manipulation as much as I desire…provided I specify that this is my OPINION.  I will not be held responsible for the behavior or decisions of other people; you will not hold me liable for other people’s actions.

Point 2:  The posts you see on the “comment” sections responding to the posts?  Those are the **opinions** of the people who are writing in.  If I post them, it will be understood that I thought their information was factual and truthful, but I’m not going to spend one million years investigating the veracity of their opinions/research/claims, etc.  If I allow the comment, it **doesn’t automatically** mean I agree with it, but it’s **their** opinion–an opinion I thought fit in well with the purpose of the blog.

Point 3:  If you don’t like my opinions, rebut them on your own blog/website.  You may rebut to your hearts’ content…ELSEWHERE.


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